Quality Policy

United International Technologies shall strive to deliver the service and value that meet or exceed the customers’ requirements. UIT shall commit to constant improvement by training its people, upgrading equipment, eliminating nonessential practices and creating an environment of quality consciousness. This policy is carried out and implemented at all levels in the organization.




Product Acceptance by Customer  ≥ 95%

Customer Satisfaction ≥ 3.5

Time from PO receipt to Entry ≥ 95% within 2 business days

Supplier Quality ≥ 90%




To provide exceptional quality electronic assemblies and support to customers along with exceptional learning, growth and financial opportunities for UIT employees and owners.





Ethics – We exercise our duties with honesty and integrity at all times.


Teamwork – We respect and support each other, without blame, to create a stronger and better performing team.


Customer Service – We respond to every customer quickly, thoroughly, professionally and with courtesy.